About Us

I’m a leather journal exporter from India (specifically Udaipur, Rajasthan) who has specialized in leather embossing and fine workmanship for more than 10 years.

Why I’m better than the competition

Deliver quality workmanship

My journals are simply better—end of story. The embossing is deeper, the workmanship is more professional, and the leather is better quality. I also provide more varieties of leather that I buy from all over India, not just in the local area. And, my employees create the journals under my watchful supervision; we don’t just outsource your entire job to other suppliers who don’t care about you and whom you’ve never met.

Always innovate and create

You won’t find a box full of the same old tired designs every year when you visit my store. I actually enjoy creating new designs, and I’m constantly looking to the future and new products. We’re also experts in working with you to create journals from your own customer designs—over the Internet, phone, or in person while you’re in India. There’s hardly anything we can’t do.

Know what Westerns want

I have traveled a lot in Western countries so I understand what Westerns want. I’m straightforward and honest—you’ll always get the no-nonsense truth from me.

Provide easy, timely, fast customer service

We send your orders on time, pack your journals well, and have trusted shipping companies that we’ve dealt with for years. Buying journals from us is easy, as it should be.